Commitment to Sustainability

As a manufacturer it's our responsibility to promote healthy and sustainable materials and educate our clients on the benefits of plant-based nonwoven textiles vs petrochemical-based alternatives. As part of our full-service commitment, we ensure that our clients fully understand the value tradeoffs between all of the materials that make up a wipe product.


Disposable wipes are highly consumed around the globe, in the many hundreds of billions per year. It's our responsibility as manufacturers, brands, retailers and consumers to ensure that we're making the right choices for the next generations. For this reason, we promote a variety of nonwovens that are composed of 100% plant-based fibers derived from sustainable sources of wood pulp, cotton, bamboo and more, all fully biodegradable.


Flushable wipe technology has been around for quite a while, however, it hasn't been until recently that the FTC and the industry regulatory body INDA/EDANA has begun to crackdown against false flushability claims after a series of lawsuits regarding "fatbergs," lumps of non-flushable wipes that together with oils and other sewage form serious and costly pipe blockages. At GoodFibers we offer the latest flushable technologies that are compliant with the newest industry standards for flushability. All of our flushable wipes are made of 100% plant-based fibers making them biodegradable as well.

Natural Formulations

We've engineered proprietary formulations across a wide range of applications that are based on natural, plant-based ingredients. Formulations don't require a long list of intimidating ingredients to be effective, and it's clear that consumers prefer transparent simple ingredients to chemical-heavy alternatives.

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