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GoodFibers has roots dating back to 1958 when it was founded as Milyon, a global pioneer of nonwoven textile technology. GoodFibers is a third generation family business and one of the leading producers of wet wipes, whose products provide convenience to millions of families on a daily basis.

We pride ourselves in being a one-stop, full-service provider of wet wipe products across every major category.



Milyon was founded as a global pioneer of nonwoven textiles.


Milyon develops a nonwoven textile specifically for the wet wipe industry, sells to converters around the world.


Milyon adds it's first wet wipe converting line.


Milyon wet wipe division is spun off into what is now GoodFibers.


GoodFibers acquires American Premier Products, LLC and upgrades it’s new 72,000sf facility in Phoenix, Arizona to better service the US and Canadian wet wipe market

US Manufacturing Facilities:

4949 W. Buckeye Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85043

Your full service partner

Capacity to handle growth

Capacity to handle growth.

Continual investments in state of the art machinery and equipment allow us to produce millions of packs per month so that we can continue servicing customers of all sizes.

Strength in developing

Strength in developing products.

Our product development team can assist you in developing the perfect wipe for your application. In addition, we have a strong list of proprietary private label-ready formulations and National Brand Equivalents (NBEs) across all categories.

Attention to design

Attention to design.

Our top-tier graphic designers are available to assist in developing beautiful packaging designs, displays, and marketing materials for your wipe products.

Investments in intelligence

Investments in intelligence.

We have a team of industry experts and access to the data you need to gain insights on the wet wipe market, industry trends, and emerging technologies. We'll ensure that you're making the right product decisions.

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